jeff adams

Jeff is another old friend who comes from a musical family and has continued the tradition. I initially asked Jeff to come round so I could use him as a guinea pig for some new equipment I’d installed.
Although singing for many years Jeff had never experienced a recording studio and before we knew it we had recorded five or six tracks.
So with Mother’s day looming he too decided to continue and put a full CD together.
It was an interesting experience selecting songs that he knew his mother would like as he had never sung some of them before, and probably never will again.
Having a second computer screen specifically designed for displaying backing tracks lyrics meant that we were able to try new songs very quickly and easily.
We have completed his mum’s present and Jeff is coming back to do more, simply because it was fun and something that sadly so many vocalists never get round to doing because traditionally recording studios were expensive and to the uninitiated quite daunting.
Or possibly something they had simply never considered doing.
Now they can!
I have also re-mixed and re-mastered a number of his backing tracks so he no longer has to run back and forth to the mixing desk during his live shows.


Little Bit More
On The Street Where You Live
Odd song choice for your mum but a great song never the less One chosen specifically for a mum. Great piece of music though