gary dee


Gary is an old friend who served his time in various bands back in the ‘good old days’, but as with so many, he decided to move into the interesting world of solo performer.
Gary has a very broad taste in music and has recently introduced more reggae and Detroit based ‘can’t help but dancing’ tracks into his live show. He’s also putting together a duo act, ‘Soul Mates’ focusing on giving people a fun night.
So pop down and see Gary and/or Soul Mates in a pub or club close to you.
As is the case with so many people these days choosing a present for your mother becomes more and more difficult so Gary decided to record a selection of her favorite songs in time for mother’s day. Just goes to show it’s never too late to bring a smile, and possibly the odd tear, to your mum’s face. Oh, and some dad’s cry too!
So a safe bet for a present. Better than a pair of slippers or scarf.


Hungry Years
Neil Sedaka cover
I’ll Take A Melody
John Holt cover
(Glad Gary chose this one. I hadn’t listened to this in years)
(That Sedaka guy knows how to write a song)
(As I was born and bred in Trinidad I naturally love reggae, yet I had never heard this song before)
(Brought back great memories)