ellie mcguire

I met Ellie, who was 14 at the time, at a singing competition and invited her and her mum round to the studio.
We had a great time. Not only did we record Burn, from Hamilton, the third video, on their first visit, but we chatted about all sorts of interesting things Ellie was up to, including her amazing artwork. You can see a few examples in that video.
We’ve continued meeting, chatting, laughing and recording and will shortly be finishing Ellie’s first CD.
Ellie is now 16 and has been gigging around South Wales. Her shows vary from the normal club entertainment to “Ellie Sings Queen” and “Ellie sings songs from the great wars”.
The first video is a montage of Ellie’s “Songs from the great wars”.
The second is one of Ellie’s tributes to the great Freddie Mercury and Queen.
The third is Ellie’s first recording, Burn from Hamilton.


Ellie McGuire – 40s Montage


Ellie McGuire – The Show Must Go On (Queen cover)


Ellie McGuire – Burn (Hamilton cover)