chris kelly

A lot of you will already know Chris. His huge past success with The Scooters is common knowledge to many and if you aren’t aware of their back catalogue it’s well worth a look on YouTube.
Chris is currently gigging solo around the South Wales circuit. Good news is that he’s also writing new songs, something for us all to look forward to.
Recording with Chris was a true pleasure. His melodies, natural ability to lay down harmonies and skill and knowledge on guitar meant that, apart from bass and a bit of keyboards which I applied afterwards, we completed each song in a three hour session.
I look forward to working with Chris again.


Chris Kelly – Dirty Bird (Original)


Dirty Bird
(Original Song)
I Am
(Original Song)
(Great story line & vocals)
(We’ve all been there)
(Listen out for build up at the end. Tonnes of instruments and harmonies)
(Fun mastering this one)