chelsea mccrystal martin

It really was a great pleasure getting to know Chelsea. Always having fun while recording, trying out songs for various competitions, working with Hannah Norman on duets, etc., etc.
Chelsea is now a working as a carer and thoroughly enjoying helping others, which I guess is perfect for such a lovely young lady, so has very little time for recording these days.
But Chelsea will always remain a good friend.
So here are a couple examples of Chelsea’s vocal plus some footage “Outtakes” of Chelsea and Hannah when they get together.
Starting with a duet with Hannah, Lordes “Royals”. They recorded this Acapella and I added a new arrangement behind their vocals. Next The Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You”, then Beyonce’s “Listen”.
You’ll always be welcome back Chelsea – anytime.



Upside Down – Royals (Lorde cover)

Chelsea McCrystal Martin – Who’s Loving You (Jackson 5 cover)

Chelsea McCrystal Martin – Listen (Beyonce cover)