chelsea mccrystal martin

Chelsea is a regular at the studio, having fun, recording and using recording to help develop her natural talents, song choices, etc.
Plan is to continue recording various songs, trying different things and having more fun.
Along the way Chelsea decided to team up with another studio regular, Hannah Norman, to form “Upside Down”. A great duo as their voices and personalities work so well together.
Here are a couple examples of Chelsea’s vocal plus some footage “Outtakes” of Chelsea and Hannah when they get together.
Starting with a duet with Hannah, Lordes “Royals”. They recorded this Acapella and I added a new arrangement behind their vocals. Next The Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You”, then Beyonce’s “Listen”.


Upside Down – Royals (Lorde cover)


Chelsea McCrystal Martin – Who’s Loving You (Jackson 5 cover)


Chelsea McCrystal Martin – Listen (Beyonce cover)