I have known and recorded with Charlotte for a number of years.
Char did her first recording with me at the tender age of thirteen. She asked if I would record some tracks with her, including two songs she had written herself.
We completed that CD and followed that with another, a Christmas present for her parents.
Char has also sung on a number of tracks written by Lee Blackmore.
Our most recent work is this video of a Beverley Knight track, First Time. Char initially asked me to write the backing track for her. We followed that with recording her vocals and then put the video together.
We will be working on new original tracks and covers but as with all sixteen year old’s, school exams come first.
Char is a great young talent with a great future ahead of her.
In addition she is a lovely young lady.


Charlotte CD 1 Charlotte CD 1
I Don’t Need You (Original) Jar Of Hearts – Christina Perri
(Views and experiences of today’s teenager) (Just one of many excellent covers Char has recorded)