carl camello bull

Met Carl for the first time. He had decided to pack up his bags and move to the other end of the world, Australia. Not a bad plan in my opinion.
He had written a song, “I’m not me”, which he wanted produced and recorded. He also wanted to lay down a couple more tracks so he had a CD to take with him to start his new life down under.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that he had sought the help of his cousin, Jo Johnson, a very talented young lady, who I had recorded four or five years ago.
So a new friend and a good old fashioned reunion with an old one.
Leighton Jones and Kate Gibson joined us and we were soon busy recording.
Jo played the initial acoustic guitar track which gave Leighton and I something to build on.
Leighton added piano and strings and I put bass and drums. Carl sang, Leighton, Kate and Carl added some harmonies.
I did the recording and the final mix.
Carl came back a couple days later and we recorded a few covers. Carl also threw in a few haircuts.
Great fun was had by all.
Goes without saying, I wish Carl every happiness in his new world of killer sharks, spiders, snakes, crocodiles, etc. and of course success with his anthem ‘I’m Not Me’.
Feeling Good
I’m Not Me
Michael Buble Cover Dance Mix – A new anthem for the Aussies