caitlin williams

Caitlin is a young singer who just keeps on improving. Caitlin is currently working with vocal coach Tanya Harrison and thoroughly enjoying herself there.
Her latest recording was a cover of Kodaline’s “All I Want”. Before that Sara Bareilles’ ” She Used To Be Mine”.
Caitlin has recorded many songs with me and I’ve chosen two more videos for the website. The classic “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and her very first recording and video with me, Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You”.
With her “Who’s Loving You” recording I decided to add to the pressure as it was a song Caitlin was still learning, by setting up the lights and video. Caitlin was a natural in front of the camera and out came her first music video.
And finally Caitlin’s first ever recording, the beautiful “Summertime”.
I always look forward to Caitlin and her mum popping up.


Caitlin Williams – All I Want (Kodaline cover)


Caitlin Williams – She Used To Be Mine (Sara Bareilles cover)


Caitlin Williams – Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland cover)


Caitlin Williams – Who’s Loving You (Jackson 5 cover)


Caitlin Williams – Summertime (Ella Fitzgerald cover)