caitlin williams


Caitlin, just 14 years old at the time of these two recordings, first came to the studio as part of a trio, The Harmonics.
A few months later, who should I see performing as a solo artist at The Welsh Factor but Caitlin singing the second song below, Summertime.
So we had a chat and her mum and nan brought her round to record it and a couple other songs.
The Harmonics were a great young trio with beautiful harmonies but personally I think Caitlin did the right thing by going solo.
Caitlin, mum and nan recently popped back to have a go at a brand new song for her, the beautiful “Who’s Loving You”.
I decided to add to the pressure of recording a song Caitlin was still learning by setting up the lights and video camera, Caitlin’s first music video.
Caitlin has just started working with a great Cardiff based vocal coach, Tanya Harrison, and they’ll be working on this song but, Caitlin, along with a number of other young singers, finds it helps to have a go at recording these more difficult songs before working with the vocal coach as the recording process helps them get a feel for the song and an opportunity to have a listen and pick on specific bits to focus on.