caitlin mae


I first saw Caitlin about three years ago. Despite her age, she was 14 at the time, she closed the show with a brilliant performance. I remember thinking, there’s something special about this young lady.
I’ve seen her perform many times since then and love the way she’s going from strength to strength.
Caitlin has found her niche with the Country Rock/Pop genre and you can see her perform across the UK at a variety of events.
Caitlin is currently (March 2019) also appearing on BBCi’s TEEN TAXI TV programme.
Caitlin is also staring to write her own songs and I am really enjoying working with Caitlin on these.
Caitlin has just completed her first CD containing a number of covers and one original song.
The first video provides a taste of what’s on her CD.
The second video is a cover of Mirander Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead. Recording and video completed in one session in the studio.
The third video is a cover of Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss’ Whiskey Lullaby using a couple photos of this very Welsh country singer.




Caitlin Mae – Showcase 2019


Caitlin Mae – Gunpowder And Lead (Miranda Lambert cover)



Caitlin Mae – Whiskey Lullaby (Brad Paisley cover)