caitlin mae


I first saw Caitlin about two years ago at a Welsh Factor heat. And despite her age she closed the show with a great performance. I remember thinking, there’s something special about this young lady.
I’ve seen her perform a number of times since then and love the way she’s going from strength to strength.
Caitlin has found her niche with the Country Rock/Pop genre and you can see her perform across the UK at a variety of events.
Caitlin is now writing her own material and the plan is to start working with her on these songs. My true passion.
The first video is a cover of Mirander Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead. Recording and video completed in one session in the studio.
The second video is a cover of Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss’ Whiskey Lullaby using a couple photos of this very Welsh country singer.