amelia evans


So pleased I met Amelia at a recent Welsh Factor heat. What a great voice and taste in music.
The first video is a cover of Skinny Love. Beautiful vocal as always.
I love the second song, Stone Cold. It was the first time anyone had recorded this track with me so it was a great start to Amelia’s Intro To Recording session.
Plan is to redo the video as this was simply a case of turning on the camera while Amelia was recording. No lighting, etc. and it shows. But I’m still glad we captured something.
The third video is Amelia with her sister, Faith, singing a beautiful song taken from the play Little Women about two sisters. Very appropriate.
The fourth video, Don’t Stop Believing (Journey / Glee) was sort of a challenge to Amelia to have a go at something to suit her, in my humble opinion, ‘Rock Chick’ inner self.
Planning a lot more from these two amazing sisters over the months ahead.