10 year old Alex came round to studio in December 2016 to record three songs and videos as a Christmas present for her family. She took to recording straight away and enjoyed the video process.
Her family then emigrated to Italy and I was very pleased to get a call in December 2017 saying Alex was back for a couple weeks and could she come and do some more recordings.
So, 11 year old Alex came round and we recorded two tracks / videos,  ‘New Rules’ and ‘When I Was Your Man’.
I thought Alex was good at 10 and was amazed at how much her voice had matured during the last 12 months.
Looking forward to Alex’s next visit, hopefully in the summer of 2018, to see how she has developed over that period.
Something else to look forward to.


Alex – No One (Alicia Keys cover)


Alex – Flashlight (Jessie J cover)


Alex – Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi cover)


Alex – Speechless (Naomi Scott (Aladdin) cover)


Alex – When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars cover)


Alex – New Rules (Dua Lipa cover)



Alex – Titanium (Sia cover)