al & justin (blue is black)

Alex and Justin, the front men (to use the old fashioned term), of a great Cardiff based originals band called Blue is Black wanted to record acoustic versions of a couple of their songs. Having checked with a few local, traditional based studios they decided to give us, Home Brewed Recordings, a go.
To be totally honest I had never seen Blue is Black and was incorrectly led to believe they were something very different to what I discovered once the acoustic guitars came out and they started playing.
Alex is an incredible song writer who truly believes in keeping music original, live and honest. Sentiments I totally share.
Justin, in my opinion added just the right amount of lead guitar and backing vocals, leaving lots of room for the song itself.
It only took us a couple hours to record Broken Rails and I added a very basic bass line after they left. A couple weeks later we recorded Just Enough using Justin’s home made cigarette pack amp for one of his guitar tracks. It seems to work! A few weeks later they popped round again and we quickly laid down Head Banging.
Basically we just enjoyed ourselves – making music.
Next step is to record the full band, using our portable recording rig, in a location in Cardiff.


Al & Justin – Broken Rails (original)


Broken Rails
Just Enough
Head Banging
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