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Home Brewed Recording Studio

Based in an annex to our family home, it’s all yours when you’re here.
It’s private, friendly and relaxed, as virtually every testimonial confirms.
Specifically set up to help new and less experienced singers and singer songwriters.
There are so many gifted young singers in South Wales. Many get the opportunity to perform in school productions and singing competitions. Many have excellent vocal coaches too.
But few understand or have taken advantage of the many benefits a recording studio can provide over and above the actual recording itself.
So when you visit I try to explain how those facilities can help boost confidence, improve vocal arrangements, live performance, song choice, find the right key for you, whilst, all importantly, having fun.
On stage you have one chance to get it right. It’s the complete opposite in a studio. You can sing the whole song as many times as you like until it’s exactly how you want it to sound. Or break the vocals down and maybe just work on one verse at a time.
In addition the studio is the ideal place to prepare for the all important live performance.
We’ll make sure the backing track is in the right key, the right length and occasionally re-mastered if required.
We’ll then record you singing it and have a listen back. We can then easily hear any parts that could be improved and work on and re-record those parts until it’s the best it can be.
We can also look at adding your own harmonies and/or backing vocals all of which will help make it ‘your version’, totally unique to you.
You can then take the final recording home to practice with.


Intro To Recording For Up and Coming Singers and Songwriters
is proving to be a huge success.
For just £40.00 you will have up to 3 hours of studio time during which we will try various vocal approaches while we record one track singing to a backing track of your choice.
We’ll then go through the mixing and mastering process. The KEY to a successful recording and what takes the most time.
I do NOT use any Auto-tune tools during this process. The end is result is all you.
The final step is having your photo printed on your CD.


Here’s a list of some of the other things we do:

Singer Song writers, of all ages and ability
There really are few things more enjoyable and satisfying than writing your own song.
Even if you don’t play an instrument or are just learning to, you can still write a song.
We’ll work together on the lyrics, the structure, the all important melody and then add the relevant instruments which you can play or I will.
Equally you may have already written your own songs and would just like some help and advise getting them to the next stage. Having additional instruments added and being totally involved in the full production process.

The perfect Gift (The new Family Portrait)
You, a friend or a family member, come over and record a song or two, possibly have a video produced.
Truly the perfect surprise gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, families abroad or maybe just for someone who needs a smile.

Record your CD/DVD for sales and/or promotional use.- Backing tracks written, keys changed, etc.

School Music GCSE / A levels
Have your ‘compositions’ professionally recorded. Make best use of studio tools and techniques to ensure the best possible submissions and results.

Wedding Days
Have a song recorded to play as you walk down the aisle.
Or try ‘Wedding Aid’. We attend your reception, set up our portable rig. You select some guests, a song to sing Band Aid style, and leave the rest to us.

Help Celebrate the Life of a loved one
Having the right song professionally pre-recorded to play at the service will add to those special memories and
provide an option for the chosen friend/family member who, understandably, might not be able to sing on the day.



mission statement

Our aim is to provide great value and a truly personal, caring and professional service in a friendly, relaxed and homely environment.


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Fully DBS (CRB) accredited.

A big thanks to my son, Ben, for putting this web site together for me. Have a listen to some of his tracks in the portfolio section if you get a moment.